Personal Training Agreement

Contact Information

Since we only collect invoice amounts by direct debit and payments are not possible in the studio, IBAN and BIC are required.


We ask this question because it is important for us to learn more about your physical activity and posture in your daily routine.

Legal Regulations


I acknowledge and accept the terms of cancellation for personal training appointments.

  • Training appointments in groups / online need to be cancelled 6 hours in advance.
  • Individual training appointments need to be cancelled 12 hours in advance

If I cancel an appointment after the expiration of the above-mentioned period of time, I will be charged for the appointment, because it has been blocked for me. This also applies in the case of illness, absence due to unexpected professional or personal circumstances, accidents, traffic jams, lack of parking spots or delays and cancellations of public transport. This agreement includes both in-person sessions and virtual sessions.


With regard to online training sessions I acknowledge and agree to the following:

Right to personal sound and image

  • Participants are prohibited from recording the online training sessions and using photographs or videos (taken intentionally or unintentionally) as it is a punishable offense.
  • Kraftzentrum assures that online training sessions will neither be recorded nor saved or passed on to third parties.


  • In accordance with § 22 of the KunstUrhG (Kunst- und Urhebergesetz), recordings of sounds and images are only allowed if the participant to be recorded has explicitly consented.


  • It is assured that during online group training sessions no one will be seen on the monitor except for the trainer. However, due to the current situation which includes home office, home schooling etc. it cannot be entirely ruled out, that another person will occasionally appear in the frame.


I have acknowledged the information about data privacy and will read the privacy policy on If I participate in group / online training sessions, I will additionally read the privacy policy on

What happens to your data? Privacy Policy

On 25 May 2018 the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) was put into effect.

Kraftzentrum, represented by Tina Winderl, requests personal data in order to warrant proper training procedures and gym services. This data is stored externally with the provider Permiumplaner.

For the purpose of correct invoicing and direct debit transactions we require a valid postal address as well as IBAN and BIC from all customers. In order to participate in the group / online training sessions, customers have to provide a valid e-mail address since the spots in those sessions are limited. Spots can be reserved or cancelled by using our online booking system Premiumplaner. In order to make individual training appointments, customers have to provide a telephone number or e-mail address. Your health information enables us to configure your training session with maximum safety. We care about the protection of your data. That is why we send no more than six newsletters per year. We assure you that Kraftzentrum only uses your data to simplify the communication between you and Kraftzentrum, for the purpose of smooth gym operations, and for the reservation of spots in our group / online training sessions.

Depending on urgency and practicability, our communication can take place via e-mail, text message, WhatsApp or phone call. This communication not just simplifies our business operations, it is the very foundation for it. We will only contact you if we have a solid reason to inform you about important changes or news regarding our gym.

You will find extensive information about our privacy policy in the footer of as well as

You are entitled to enter an objection. In case of objection, the stored data will be deleted immediately and irrevocably, unless the data is still needed for its intended purpose (e.g. writing and sending invoices) and provided that the deletion does not oppose any legal obligations to preserve records. Once the data is deleted, every possibility for further communication, coordination of training appointments, and reservation of spots in the group / online training sessions expires. Please check the privacy policy on our websites for more details.